9′ Feather Flag Pole + Double-SIded Graphics


  • Flag pole length: 9′ (110″)
  • Flag pole length: Fiberglass
  • Double-Sided Graphics (Custom Printed): included
  • Ground Spike or Cross Base: not included
  • Traveling Bag: included
  • Weight: 2.2


Our Custom Design Double-Sided Printed Feather Fiberglass Flags are a great advertising tool both Indoor and outdoor. It is an Advertising powerhouse that brings your Message and relevant Ads to the passerby and greatly increase chances of them becoming your new or returning customer.

Feather shape of the flag ensures maximum amount of space for your information and it looks especially great in windy conditions.

Flags are printed using a 2 step Dye-Sublimation process to ensure maximum print quality and graphic fidelity on Flag fabric that is both breathable and durable. Between the 2 printed sides is a layer of block out material giving you a solid image on both sides. Using Dye Sublimation Vegetable Inks also ensures that these colors will last.

Our Custom Printed Feather Flags are a great advertising tool to use for both Indoor and Outdoor. This beautifully designed flag are for sure ways to grab the attention of even ongoing passersby. Take advantage of our beautiful prints and let your messages sway brightly in the wind. All of the flags we produce locally are done double sided as to provide a proper appearance.

We now carry only Heavy Duty Fiberglass flags which are top of the line. These Advertising Flags are engineered to stand up in fair to moderate weather, including wind, rain or snow. This is also why they are often referred to as “sail” flags. All of our Flag stands feature the ability to rotate with the wind, which helps to avoid tipping over and unsightly tangling. This capability not only creates an alluring motion, but also users do not have to be worried about advertising being unreadable due to poor weather.

Your Custom Graphics will be printed using Dye-Sublimation method on a 4 oz. Polyester Fabric which will give you a vivid colors graphics that will last. The banner is attached to a lightweight fiberglass flagpole, which offers stability and flexibility.