15′ Teardrop Flag Pole + Double-Sided Graphics


  • Flag pole length: 15′ (180″)
  • Flag pole material: Fiberglass
  • Double-Sided Graphics (Custom Printed): included
  • Ground Spike or Cross Base: not included
  • Traveling Bag: included
  • Weight: 2.4 lb
  • Printing method: Dye-Sublimation (Heat transfer)


Our Custom Design Double Sided Printed Teardrop Fiberglass Flags are a great advertising tool both Indoor and outdoor. It is an Advertising powerhouse that brings your Message and relevant Ads to the passerby and greatly increase chances of them becoming your new or returning customer.

Teardrop shape of the flag ensures that it is always readable no matter if there is wind or not.
Flags are printed using a 2 step Dye Sublimation process to ensure maximum print quality and graphic fidelity on Flag fabric that is both breathable and durable. Between the 2 printed sides is a layer of block out material giving you a solid image on both sides. Using Dye Sublimation Vegetable Inks also ensures that these colors will last.

Flag Hardware is Fiberglass which means that the entire length of the pole is flexible so that the stand is more resilient to wind. This ensures that these are heavier duty and last longer than the cheap Aluminum Ones.
Bases come in a wide variety from Heavy Duty all Metal Ground Stakes/Spikes that are used on the grass to Cross Bases with available Water Bags which are used on hard surface such as concrete or Indoors.

We also carry a Drive Over base that is popular with Car Dealerships and Outdoor or Indoor Automotive events.

One of the very popular stands for use outdoors is a Tent Canopy we also carry a special Adapter that allows you to mount your flags onto your tent. This increases both visibility and foot traffic at your stand.