20' Hybrid Modular Back Wall Package

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Price USD 2 885 $
Price CAD 3 895 $
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20ft Wide Hybrid Modular System is the best solution when you are looking to create something Fully Custom. Stand starts with the 2 main graphic sections which are Graphic Panels mounted into the four surrounding pieces. From there you add on pieces that you like to see and will make use off. There are different shelves available so you can mount them on the system to display your product or other items. Tables can be added as well for desk space or other needs you might have. The system also supports Monitor/TV Mounts. To bring more attention and display your message more brightly lights can be added to the system. We can also add custom shape headers as well as header overhands to increase system visibility. When done System is packed away into Wheeled Bags with Hard Wheeled cases available as well.